What’s Your Word 2021! Fundraiser by Bishop Geurtin High School

Axial recently participated in the “What’s Your Word 2021!” fundraiser held by Bishop Guertin High School, geared towards benefitting the Cardinal Endowment Fund for Scholarships and Financial Assistance. Each word our employees chose was engraved on a bracelet to be worn and serve as a daily reminder to be the best version of ourselves at home, at work, and out in the world. $100 was donated from Axial for each bracelet engraved and we had 100% participation throughout all offices!


We were amazed to see how enthusiastic our employees were about participating in this fundraiser. The words they chose for their bracelets were heartfelt, ambitious, and each attached with a special meaning. Here is what a few of our team members had to say about why they chose their “What’s Your Word 2021!” words…


“I chose the word “MANIFESTING”, which means intentionally creating what you want in life. I am a huge believer of being able to manifest what you desire, whether it be wealth, love, or simply peace of mind.” – Tracey Brennan Reale

“I chose “BROOKS” on my bracelet, so I can be reminded of my son when I can’t be with him during the workday. He has given new meaning and purpose to my life, and I am thankful for him every day!” – Erin Widell

“I chose the words “NURSE POWER” because my wife is a nurse and has been a superhero this past year, so I wanted to give her something small to let her know she is appreciated.” – Mihai Popa


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“2020 was a difficult year. By the end of it, I found myself unmotivated. I just got up, went to work, ate dinner, watched Netflix, and repeat. I realized that I needed to “BE BETTER” (at anything and everything) in 2021. I got off social media, exercise 5 days a week now, I am studying for the CFP, joined 2 boards in Dedham, improved how I perform my job, and even planned a few family vacations for 2021. I am now engaged again, and it has been much more rewarding! – Bob LoPorto




“I chose “EASTON”, because he is my miracle baby. He has taught me more in the past year than I have learned in my entire life. He keeps me focused and reminds me to stop and take one moment at a time, because life goes by way too fast.” – Katie Brodie

“My word was “ADVENTURE”. I asked my daughter, Olivia, to think of a word so she could have this bracelet. She chose this word, as she is headed to college in the Fall and looking for more “adventure” than she has had sitting at home for the last year!” – Adam Scott

“DISCO-VERY” – I “very” much love Disco and covid led to some self “discovery” on what’s really important in life!” – Rich LeBranti

Whats Your Word 2 (2)


“My word “GRACE” is after my daughter Kali Grace who has been struggling with teen depression. She was named after my grandmother, Grace, who was an amazing, strong woman, that I’m sure is watching over Kali.” – Shannon Trask

“I chose “FREEDOM” because since covid began we lost some of that and I can’t wait to get it all back!” – Paul Miller

“The word I chose is FAMILY”. Un-planned togetherness led to great, unexpected discussions and experiences. FAMILY is the most important of all.” – Michael Marchese 



Whats Your Word 3 (2)



“For my word I chose “VERITAS” which is Latin for “Truth”. In actuality, it comes from the phrase “veritas in caritate”, meaning, “truth in love”. – Diana Sinclair

“The word I chose is “GRATEFUL” because that’s what I’ve felt the most throughout this past year. I am grateful for my life, the people in it, and the lessons I learn every day. – Jenna Mechaalani

“Well, I chose all of my boy’s names and I am having them give the bracelet to my wife for Mother’s Day!” – Bill Scotti



In addition to the individual words chosen by our employees from Axial Financial Group, our benefits department chose one word for their team as a whole. Each year, they choose a “theme” that they associate with their Annual Team Meetings. Their theme for 2021 is “NAVIGATE”



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“2021 will be the year to Navigate. We know where we are, and we know where we need to go. The challenge lies in not getting blown off course as this new “normal” we’ve been living for the past 10 months will undoubtedly continue well into 2021. We look forward to the voyage ahead and welcome you – those who make ABG what it is – to continue charting this course with us.” – Mick Rodgers and the ABG Team



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