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Cohesive Planning

We’re independent financial professionals and fiduciary advisors dedicated to the success and financial confidence of individuals, families, and business owners. We act in your best interest and provide independent advice centered on achieving your lifetime dreams; by designing a plan for each independent circumstance depending on your risk tolerance, time horizon, and goals.

Our Axial team can even partner with your other trusted advisors, including CPAs, insurance professionals, tax accountants, estate planning attorneys, and Medicare consultants, to coordinate a cohesive approach to meet all your financial planning needs.

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Our Process

1Understanding Your Personal Circumstances

First, we schedule you to come into our office or join us via video conference to meet with one of our advisors. We want to get to know you, your family, and your lifestyle personally before any additional steps. We can’t start the financial planning process without knowing your current financial situation, and future goals, wants, and wishes.

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2Identifying Your Goals

After the initial meeting, we will collaborate to help identify your prospective goals and how we can achieve them. We do this by having you provide us with specific information. To get a full understanding of your current situation, we will need financial statements, estate documents, pension plan paperwork, social security statements, and life insurance policies. Using this information, we can help you achieve your possible future goals of:

  • Retiring by a certain age, while living stress-free
  • Paying for healthcare during retirement
  • Planning for your children’s college
  • Taking those vacations you have always wanted to


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3Analyzing and Developing Your Financial Plan

We establish a full understanding of where you currently stand by skillfully crafting your current financial situation. We evaluate all the data you have provided us by using the state-of-the-art technology we have invested in. With your collaboration we will expertly craft your personal financial plan, listing out all your assets, liabilities, and goals.

Next, we will analyze all your current holdings in your accounts and determine if this allocation of your assets will help you achieve all your goals which we have laid out. Which may entail – leaving a legacy to your family or charity, purchasing a vacation home, paying for your child’s college education, or just living comfortably during retirement.

4Presenting Your Financial Plan

Here, we will present our recommendations to you, with the assistance of our cutting edge financial and tax planning software, called Money Guide Pro, Nitrogen, and Holistaplan. These platforms will help us craft and present your plan in the easiest to understand way possible.

5Implementing Your Financial Plan

Your advisor and our in-house portfolio management team will implement your plan by investing in the specific portfolios we have agreed upon while working together towards your goals, and our additional recommendations. In addition, athroughout the entire process we will be working with your tax advisor and estate attorney, so you have a full and complete financial plan.

6Monitoring and Updating Your Financial Plan

Over time, all plans will need to change as our lives are always changing. We take initiative to monitor your personalized plan closely and modify as needed. You will be involved along every step of the way, as your relationship with Axial and your advisor only begins once your plan is implemented. This step is the most critical, because as your life and needs change we need to be able to adapt to those changes. Anything from family or personal changes, risk tolerance reduction, inheritance, or employment changes.

Knowing where you stand is critically important and that is why we offer our clients a trailblazing financial platform, where you can consolidate all of your lifelong savings and assets in one place. This way our clients are able to get a complete financial view all on one platform.

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Personalized & Unique

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If this process and approach is an avenue you are interested in exploring with us, we would be grateful for the opportunity to help in the process. Please contact us below, and if you would like to get a jump on the process, you can complete the Financial Planning Workbook located under the Identifying Your Goals section above.

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